Voted 2018
"Seminole County Judge of the Year"

"Judging is "learning-by-doing" activity whose efficiency increases as judicial experience increases." - Richard A. Posner, Aging and Old Age, page 197 (1995)

My Letter to our community and our citizens,

As a woman and a working mother of three beautiful children, I understand how important this election is. I understand and share many of the same concerns of citizens throughout our community. This election is important to me because I deeply believe that every person, regardless of race, religion, gender, occupation, marital or social status should be treated equally and fairly under the law. No one person, group, or organization should have greater rights or protections in our society or in a court of law. And, every individual should be heard and treated with the respect and dignity they deserve. In 2012, I asked the question, “What makes a good judge?” My answer then, as it is now, “Someone willing to use their knowledge and experience to deliver the best justice with integrity and compassion.” I believe that I am that person. I enjoy my work as a County Court Judge and, every day, when I go to work, I strive to make our legal system the best it can be. I am tired of traditional politics and I believe that Seminole County deserves better. I know that with your help, our children will grow up in a safe and beautiful Seminole County where everyone is treated justly and fairly with the dignity and respect they deserve.

If you have any questions, please call me directly at: 407-576-2602 I’d be honored to speak with you.


Consistently demonstrates all aspects of proper judicial temperament to all parties – that is the commitment of this judge. 


“Judge Krause has been cooperative, responsive, and forthright with the panel, and has admitted the foregoing.” – JQC Investigative Panel


“This judge was fabulous! I saw her with all the other people in front of me and she was kind and allowed people to speak to her for as long as they wanted.” – Civil Litigation – Private / Comment #: FL6198 Rating: 10.0


Debra Krause believes Judges should follow the law, not make it. Judges should show a measure of humility and refrain from personal whims in decisions.


“Judge Krause is generous with continuances, and this is important when someone’s liberty is at stake. She has always given my clients a fair shake and it is a pleasure going in front of her. At times, she has entertained rather creative solutions to move a case, and such flexibility is always appreciated. She serves the public well.”

Criminal Defense Lawyer
Comment#:FL4487 Rating: 9.2

“Doesn’t mind asking questions to ensure both sides are covered. Seems to strive toward justice not just court room maneuvers. Offers opinions and sentences that she feels fit the circumstances and who is involved.”

Comment#:FL4303 Rating: 8.0
“Judge Krause is compassionate, listens attentively, while applying the law in a judicial manner.”
Seminole County Mediator